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June 2016

Patch 6.13 was launched few hours ago, and this might be one of the most support influential patches in recent history. For long, the support meta was hovering around carry champions like Blitzcrank and Zyra. This patch might be the end of a chapter.Season 6 patch 13 brought nerfs to many meta relevant or over-powered

    Since its launch, the hit first-person shooter game Overwatch has attracted more than 10 million players. You, too, may want to join in — or you already have been playing and are just looking to get an edge on the competition. Regardless of your experience, there are a few things you should probably know. Though simple, these five basic tips are efficient and

90s kids thought that this was what programming looked like… Coding (or programming/black magic/delete as appropriate) is one of those things everyone talks about, acknowledges that everyone needs to know something about, but barely anyone actually does. Coders have this weirdly conflicting aura; they are the kingmakers, modern day sorcerers who, with seemingly an incomprehensible

The spacetime diagram (“a position vs time graph”) is a valuable tool for modeling and interpreting situations in relativity. As I like to say, “A spacetime diagram is worth a thousand words.” Many problems and “apparent-paradoxes” (or better “puzzles”) can be resolved by drawing a good spacetime diagram. However, because Minkowski spacetime geometry is not Euclidean, there

Does your computer feel slower than it used to be? Does it take longer to start up or for programs to load? If so, chances are your computer has accumulated some “digital dust” and needs a little spring cleaning.To better understand what causes your computer to slow down over time (and what you

Free Astronomy Books - Primarily for education.Feel free to add your own links to free books. Let me know if there are broken links or copyright issues.A New AstronomyA Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century, Fourth EditionA Simple Guide to Backyard AstronomyAdvances in Modern CosmologyAstronomical DiscoveryAstronomy for AmateursAstronomy To-DayAstronomy of To-day A