Where is Captain America’s Shield?


WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War

Captain America‘s new shield is getting an upgrade for Infinity War, and will have Black Panther to thank for it. It’s a theory we’ve been building since Steve Rogers showed up with a beard, darker suit, and grimmer demeanour than usual in The Avengers: Infinity War‘s first trailer. To some, the fact that Cap is without his signature shield may be a strong thematic layering, representing his heightened vulnerability now that he has only a handful of Avengers allies left. Or, perhaps a sign that Thanos has weakened Earth’s superheroes before his coming assault. While others…. just really want Cap to get his shield back.


For those who may not remember, Steve Rogers didn’t technically “lose” his shield, despite the past visions of seeing it shattered (and him along with it). Instead, it was surrendered. After deciding that Earth’s heroes should follow their own orders, and not be made subject to the greed, politics, or inaction of world governments, he became a fugitive. It led to some headaches in Captain America: Civil War, but the film’s climax actually had little to do with that ideology. Once his battle with Tony Stark became entirely personal, and Steve defended his brainwashed best friend, Tony decided to put his armored foot down.

The first Avengers Infinity War trailer was just amazing. It has shattered the previous records of the most viewed trailer in first 24 hours. The trailer finally showed The Mad Titan, Thanos, coming to Earth and starting his assault on the heroes along with his Black Order and the army of aliens.

The Infinity gems/stones are the most powerful objects in the entire MCU. The Mad Titan will locate all the Infinity gems, assemble them and create an all-powerful Infinity gauntlet, cause a world-wide catastrophe that will force Team Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy to join forces and fight against the mad Titan.

Although the Infinity war cast is stacked up with superhero heavy-weights, but the most important comic-book character is Thanos. Till now, he has been teased in Marvel movies in post-credits of Phase 2, 3 films, but Infinity war will be the first major project where he is going to be the central antagonist pursuing his sinister ends.

In the trailer, we see Nomad Cap leading his new team of superheroes and warriors at Wakanda to prevent Black Order (Children of Thanos) from possibly getting their hands on the sixth Infinity Gem. Iron Man is seen in the Hulkbuster suit, Spiderman donning Iron Spider suit, Thor meets Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time and Thanos is stealing Infinity stones one by one and is preparing for an all-out assault.

captain america

There were many breath-taking moments in the trailer but after watching the trailer multiple times, a particular scene caught our attention and it has everything to do with Captain America who is featuring a new look and new weapon for combat, his new shield.

Steve Rogers dropped his shield when Iron Man says, “You don’t deserve it; my father made that shield” and walks away with Winter Soldier at the end of Captain America: Civil War. But the upcoming movie is all set to give him a new shield and it won’t be a typical circular shield like before.

A few weeks ago, the poster of Avengers Infinity War showed Steve Rogers sporting a beard and he is not in his usual attire of Captain America, instead, he is wearing Nomad suit from comics. Russo Brothers told Huffington Post that dropping his shield “is him letting go of that identity. It’s him admitting that the identity of Captain America was in conflict with the very personal choice that he was making.”

So how will the Super Soldier fight the Mad Titan? Well, according to the poster, he will take on the new alias Nomad which he adopted during 1970’s in Marvel comics. So yes, he will be fighting against Thanos and his ruthless alien invaders but as someone else.

We saw king T’Challa ordering his loyal soldiers to “Evacuate the city, engage all defenses and get this man a shield.” The man referred in here gotta be Steve Rogers as he is the one who uses the shield while fighting.

Later in the trailer, we saw two armies marching towards each other. One of Thanos’ aliens and the other Wakandan army joined by Black Panther, The Hulk, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine and Captain America who is in the middle and what’s easily missed here was the thing on Captain America’s wrist. He is wearing some kind of gauntlet on each forearm which appears triangular in shape.

This is a new type of shield that Captain America is wearing that can be modified into a triangular shield if you pair both of them together. It’s the same kind of shield that was featured in the Captain America: Steve Rogers where Steve Rogers regains his super-soldier serum after the events of “Avengers: Standoff” and gives his circular shield to Sam Wilson. While he adopts a new one which can be separated into two pieces.

There is no doubt that if Black Panther has ordered his men to forge a new shield and they don’t make it. And a country full of rare Vibranium metal, it’s just a normal thing to see another shield being made in no time.

While we didn’t see any more visuals of him wearing those gauntlets, we hope to see him using his new shield in the next trailer.


Hubbl’es 28Tth Birthday Picture: The Lagoon Nebula

  • Title Hubble’s 28th birthday picture: The Lagoon Nebula
  • Released 19/04/2018 4:00 pm
  • Copyright NASA, ESA, STScI, CC BY 4.0

To celebrate its 28th anniversary in space the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope took this amazing and colourful image of the Lagoon Nebula. The whole nebula, about 4000 light-years away, is an incredible 55 light-years wide and 20 light-years tall. This image shows only a small part of this turbulent star-formation region, about four light-years across.

This stunning nebula was first catalogued in 1654 by the Italian astronomer Giovanni Battista Hodierna, who sought to record nebulous objects in the night sky so they would not be mistaken for comets. Since Hodierna’s observations, the Lagoon Nebula has been photographed and analysed by many telescopes and astronomers all over the world.

The observations were taken by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 between 12 February and 18 February 2018.

Sail across the Lagoon Nebula here.


Credit: ESA

Caffeine.tv – Stream with One Click Review

I am very much of a BIG coffee drinker, and when it comes to watching live streams or streaming myself, I am all in!

The other day I came across a Stella Chuu (@stellachuuuuu) Instagram post that caught my attention. It was Caffeine. I clicked on it, hit the LIKE button, and visited the website that she linked. What I came across was a gem that I never thought would appear to exist. As an aspiring streamer, I get excited about a site based on their design, concept, and function. In which Caffeine delivered to my eyes. As I proceed to click on the site, I ended up turning into a stream that got my attention, and immediately I started to ask questions about what is Caffeine and how it works.

Caffiene.tv streaming

Caffeine.tv is the new kid on the block and it is amazing! Caffeine is a video game streaming platform that focuses on being simple and easy to use. No need for streaming software like OBS to get started. Just simply download Caffeine onto your PC and stream away in real-time! Yes, it is that simple. I did not believe it myself until I did it myself.

One thing I have always struggled when wanting to stream to Twitch and other platforms is making sure all the settings on my PC and OBS were at the “just right” level of performance, for a decent streaming experience that would not affect my gaming performance. OBS is a very big resource hog and that is one of the biggest let downs for me when I felt motivated to stream.

Caffeine.tv is as simple as it sounds and looks. It even has some unique features that the other veteran platforms don’t have. When you launch Caffeine from your desktop, name your stream, and click “Start Stream”, you will see a non-disruptive overlay on top of your gameplay. This overlay displays a live indicator of your stream when a viewer (by their username) has joined the stream when a user has become a follower, and also how many viewers are tuned in. Nothing too complex. Just simplicity at its finest.

From the viewer’s perspective, whether on the website or the Caffeine.tv app on iOS, you are able to chat like any standard streaming service, but what makes Caffeine different from the vets in this aspect is the ability to customize how you want your message to be displayed. From gradients to pixelation, textures, and GIFs. If you like to spice things up randomly, there is a shuffle mode for the way you want your messages to be displayed as well. One thing to note, is that the streamer will not be able to see your messages in this format unless they are running the iOS app or via a second display with the web version loaded up.



Overall, the Caffeine UI is simple and straight to the point. Also, very responsive! One of my favourite features from the web version of Caffeine is the ability to move around the streamer’s webcam feed and show/hide the webcam feed. Very convenient, if you want to concentrate more on the gameplay or see something in specific on-screen. On the mobile app, if you are in vertical mode and there is a webcam feed, it will split view the cam (can’t show/hide or move it around) above the gameplay and allow you to chat it up below. In horizontal view mode, the gameplay will fill up your iPhone’s display and you will be able to move the cam feed around, but won’t be able to chat unless you are in vertical mode.

There is so much I would love to say about Caffeine.tv but I will leave that for the full review of the platform.

Caffeine.tv is still a growing platform and they are always looking for feedback to make it better. Caffeine.tv is only exclusive to streaming PC games. There is also a list of specific titles that are compatible with the platform’s streaming service like; Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, League of Legends, and many more. If you want to view the stream, it can only be viewed on a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and the Caffeine.tv iOS app.

Sign Up Today & Get to Streaming!

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My Stream: https://www.caffeine.tv/RedRum69/profile