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WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War Captain America‘s new shield is getting an upgrade for Infinity War, and will have Black Panther to thank for it. It’s a theory we’ve been building since Steve Rogers showed up with a beard, darker suit, and grimmer demeanour than usual in The Avengers: Infinity War‘s first trailer. To some,

Actor Bill Skarsgård has revealed that there was a disturbing scene that was cut from the final cut of the IT movie. In a recent appearance on Variety’s podcast (via Heroic Hollywood), the actor, who plays Pennywise in the record-breaking horror film, admitted that director Andy Muschietti was forced to cut one particularly creepy

Twenty years ago, Stargate SG-1 debuted on Showtime and transformed the single film into an enduring live-action TV franchise that spanned three series. And while it’s been six years since Stargate Universe came to an end, MGM is finally ready to open the iris for a brand new series.   At the Stargate SG-1 20th anniversary panel at Comic-Con International, MGM revealed that

Disney Animation Studios’ streak of creatively outperforming its corporate sibling Pixar continues with “Big Hero 6,” a wildly entertaining animated adventure that successfully adapts the Marvel tradition to animation.Based on a relatively obscure Marvel Comics series, “Big Hero 6″ may be a Disney Animation production, but the film’s influences are clear: It greatly