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Cybrary.it – The Review

In the IT world, there seems to be always a need for certified and/or experienced IT professionals. Cybrary.it is an online resource dedicated to helping people who are interested in this field get the training they need to start or grow their expertise in the IT industry.

All training courses are completely FREE. The site runs off of donations (both financially and through materials) from users and partners/sponsors.

I have personally used cybrary.it and intend to continue. I wouldn’t say it is the one-stop learning location for all IT certifications but it gets very close. The courses offered from basic Comptia A+ to CISSP and advanced hacking, are all well in depth and follow the structure of exam criteria.

I also have completed the PCI/DSS, A+, ITIL Foundation  courses and parts of other courses. In my opnion the PCI/DSS course was probably the least extensive one that I have come across during my use (and I’ve been involved with cybrary.it for over a year at this point). Even so, I’d call it a good primer as it exposes the watcher to the basics of the PCI fundamentals, gives a crash course in many of the most used policies, as well as speaks on using Risk management and information security. …and all of this is for FREE. In addition, members of the Cybrary have been writing articles that go into additional topics that are accessible to any registered cybrary.it user.

Registration is free just like the course material and the setup includes creating your own profile. Cybrary.it isn’t just a learning source, but its a community and I’ve seen it grow from just courses and a forum to include hours of reading content submitted by users and companies, a job board, current IT developments, micro certifications and more.

There is much more I could comment on but I don’t want to make this review too lengthy. Perhaps I’ll do another later on a specific element of the site. Regardless of what I choose to do, I know I’ll continue to use cybrary.it extensively for my training needs. I am currently eyeing out Security+ and CCNA.

I challenge you to take a look. There is much more material and training for the IT industry needs there than I could list here in a compact form. So take a look! I’m sure you’ll find something useful.

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