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Elder Scrolls Legend Is Changing it Up!

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Some would say that card games are a niche in the gaming scene and it would explain why it is so easy for a good card game to turn into a success whereas a bad card game will get ignored completely.

The unfortunate bit here is that Elder Scrolls Legends is a mixture of both. While the game may not have the best design and interface, fans of Elder Scrolls can appreciate the deep lore of the fantasy world that gets explored in a fun manner.

Even so, an upgrade for Elder Scrolls Legends is greatly needed and it appears that Bethesda is well aware of it. Reports went viral earlier today that Bethesda is now swapping Legends’ developers while ordering the new developing team to rebuild the game’s client.

The aim here is for Elder Scrolls Legends to offer a better experience than before and this is important when rival card games like Hearthstone have a bigger gamer base than Elder Scrolls Legends. We can expect a massive update on Elder Scrolls Legends to get announced at E3 next week.

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