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Essential Civilization: Beyond Earth Mod Gives a Miasma Warning

Civilization: Beyond Earth has been out for a while, which means people have started making things that makes the overall game experience a bit better. Which means one of the best, smallest mods has been released. I give you, the Miasma Warning Beyond Earth mod.
That isn’t it’s official name, mind you. It’s really called UI: Notification for Units Nearing Death in Miasma. Which is incredibly descriptive. There are hovering clouds of Miasma on the alien worlds ofBeyond Earth, which could deplete the health of units on an afflicted tile each turn.
Normally, you get no warning or notice if a tile has Miasma on it, or if a unit is about to fall due to the poisoning. All this Beyond Earth mod does is make a small notification pop up in the lower righthand corner of the screen if a unit is about to die. That way, you can jump to the unit, move it out of the deadly fog, and save its life.
It’s a small change, but one that’s unbelievably helpful. Especially if you’re the kind of user who sets explorers to automatically roam the map. With this Beyond Earth mod, you aren’t throwing your virtual money away.
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