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Goat Simulator joke has just gone far enough

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For the very few of our readers who don’t know, there exists a game called Goat Simulator. The game exists for the sole reason that the internet thought the joke was too hilarious not too exist. I use the word “game” in the loosest sense of the term, because the developers stated outright that they were going to leave all non-game breaking bugs in it. So now there exists a thing where you run around as a goat, headbutting things, licking things, and eating things.
And now, there’s going to be a Goat Simulator update that makes it simulate a fantasy style MMO.
I can’t tell if this is the greatest thing, or the dumbest thing. Goat Simulator was already fairly dumb to begin with, but it was that kind of dumb that wrapped back around into hilarious. The various bugs and glitches the game had actually added to the enjoyment factor, and I’d be lying if I said it was the worst ten dollars I’d ever spent.
At the same time, something like this may be gilding the lily, so to speak. The promised update looks utterly ridiculous, but will it be the right kind of ridiculous? Or will it be the straw that breaks the goat’s back, showing once and for all that the bearded emperor has no clothes?
You can see the video for yourself, and come to your own conclusions.

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