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Google and Udacity partner for Android New Nanodegree course

Google and Udacity are teaming up again, this time for an Android Basics course that will earn you a Nanodegree.
The two companies have partnered before for Android Nanodegree programs, but this one is meant for those who are starting from absolute scratch: no coding experience required.
Like the other Android Nanodegree programs, students learn directly from Google staffers. It offers the same mentorship and code review as any other Nanodegree program, too.
the program teaches the basics of Java, as well as how to interact with Web APIs. Students also learn how to interact with a SQLite database.
The first 50 students who graduate the course will earn a scholarship toward the rest of the Android Nanodegree career track. If you’re interested, Udacity is accepting enrollments starting today.
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