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My Perspective of Patch 6.13

Patch 6.13 was launched few hours ago, and this might be one of the most support influential patches in recent history. For long, the support meta was hovering around carry champions like Blitzcrank and Zyra. This patch might be the end of a chapter.
Season 6 patch 13 brought nerfs to many meta relevant or over-powered champions like Blitz, Zyra, Vladimir, Kindred just to mention a few. The nerf to Blitzcrank ultimate might be addressed to top lane Blitz, but it sure affects him in the bottom lane as well. Some people say that the ultimate was not used every minute anyway, but it sure limits his roams to mid-lane and top. Kindred lost 7 armor, clear death threat to her. The last champion that got such a nerf was J4rvan, and he hasn’t been seen as a strong champion in ages.
Now after our condolences, lets hop onto the interesting part. The changes to Talisman of Ascension and its constituents. This item will form the meta with regards to supports. If we look at the stats we can see why:
Coin line changes.jpg
  • Increased cooldown reduction
  • Increased armor
  • Increased health regen
  • Decreased mana regen
  • Speed up around towers & gates
If you disregard the mana regeneration debuff, they are all great positives, favouring the likes of Thresh, Soraka, Janna and Taric. These of course are my predictions. I can see Lulu coming back on the rift with the recent changes while Tahm Kench will be more difficult to play but rewarding once mastered. 
Together with the buffs to shields and heals on certain items like Ardent Censer and Michael’s Crucible, champions with synergistic skills and utility are buffed. Janna and Nami are the first two that come to mind, but there is always Soraka.
Only time will tell what this patch will bring with it but it is sure much more exciting for supports.
Hurray, finally a patch where the underdogs (a.k.a. supports) shine.
Link to the full patch notes HERE
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