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Starting my Udacity Journey

Udacity progress.PNG

Today I have decided to start my Distance learning Journey with Udacity, I have worked my way through numerous MOOC sites, such as FutureLearn, Open, Edx and COursera and have not looked at Udacity until now.

Each program Udacity offers is designed to help you achieve goals, meet objectives, and succeed in your life and career. Whether you have a specific job in mind or want to learn specific skills, the best way to decide is to envision your desired outcome, and then select the path that will get you there. Sometimes this is easy—you want to build Android apps, you take the Android Developer program! But if you’re not sure, they can guide you in the right direction. Thier blog is a great resource for career pathing, and you can always email them at support@udacity.com. Where they will learn about your interests, your goals, and your experience, and make personalized recommendations on the best ways to move forward.

For starters, I will be doing the various free courses:


After that, I plan to take the Intro to Programming Nanodegree. Where I will gain a refresher on web development and get a solid foundation on python and it’s syntax. Through this course, I will also build a coding portfolio. This course currently costs $299 (normal price $399).

Once I complete this I will have a few options. I am leaning more towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering.

Further Courses I am looking at:

Follow me on my journey and progress.


Along with all this, I will be doing side courses at Edx and Coursera, Continue blogging about cyber security and continue with my Open University Degree.



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