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The Marry Me mod for Skyrim lets me wed Saadia

Skyrim is an amazing sandbox, offering you the ability to do a number of things in-game that don’t have much effect on gameplay, but are fun to do anyway. Things like owning a house, adopting children, and getting married can all add entertainment value to any Skyrim playthrough. Sadly, you can’t marry any and all NPCs under normal circumstances. While the game allows you to marry either gender no matter your own gender, there are some that simply aren’t available for marriage. Unless you do what I did and install this nifty Skyrim mod called “Marry Me”.
Thank to this Skyrim mod, I can finally marry the serving woman at the Bannered Mare. Yes, I know most people seem to think that Saadia was lying and she actually sold out Hammerfall to the Aldemeri Dominion. But in my mind, Saadia was telling the truth, and those evil mercenaries were both evil and liars, and when I kill them, we fall in love forever!
This Skyrim mod makes use of the fact that Skyrim only has a few voice actors, which means that any given voice often has marriage dialogue even if it’s normally locked off for a specific NPC. It simply unlocks the dialogue, and makes the NPC use it. Now I have a fully voiced Saadia for a wife. It’s great, because it’s also the voice that uses the line “Leaving, love? Take the world by storm”.
And let me tell you, I am so ready to take it to the dragons when my wife tells me to take the world by storm.
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