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wooden toy soldier walking dead

The Walking Dead: the Meaning Behind the Wooden Toy Soldier That Daryl Finds

The Walking Dead may have wrapped another season, but that doesn’t mean the zombie drama wasn’t going to raise a few more questions in the process. After a drawn-out season culminating with Rick and company finally facing off against Negan, we’re left with several Easter eggs that may or may not be significant later on.

Among them is the mysterious wooden soldier that Daryl comes across at the end of the episode. With the words “DIDN’T KNOW” written on the back, it’s pretty clear that this will have some importance later on. And since it looks identical to the one Dwight carved back in season six, it’s safe to assume that this figure also came from him. But what does that message mean? Is he trying to say he didn’t know Jadis and the Scavengers would betray Rick like that? Is he still on Rick’s side? What’s going on, Jon Snow wooden figure?

With season eight not arriving until Autumn, there’s plenty of time to speculate.

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