Become a Bard With This Fantastic Skyrim Mod

ScreenShot54 skyrim mod
Most of the Skyrim mods I use come from Nexus Mods, due to their amazing Mod Manager program. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some mods from other places that aren’t equally amazing. Case in point, one of my absolute favorite Skyrim mods comes from the Steam Workshop.
It’s a mod that lets you become a bard.
I remember the first time I did the Bard’s College quest in Skyrim. I was super excited at the possibility of being a lute-carrying, song-singing adventurer. I thought that maybe the game even had some song-spells, and I could use the power of my voice to defeat my enemies!
Skyrim had none of that, and I was sad. But with the Become a Bard mod, now you can go from tavern to tavern, singing for your supper. It not only allows you to play any of the instruments in the game, but comes with a number of songbooks that can be used like lesser powers. Want to sing Malukah’s version of “The Dragonborn Comes”? You totally can! As well as a number of other musician’s versions. It even has your follower join in on any song that has multiple parts.
So if you’re like me, and you like the idea of playing a bard type character, you owe it to yourself to check this Skyrim mod out.

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