Medieval Banquet To dine For!

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What a great dining experience! As mentioned in the previous post (London Snippets) we will be writing to you about our experience dining at Medieval Banquet and Merriment, London. It is situated by St. Katherine Docks, just 5 mins walk away from the Tower Hill (District line) or Tower Gate (DLR) station. Medieval Banquet London sure does bring the excitement to anyone the moment you see the metal knight statue by its entrance. You have to book the ticket online as it is reservation only, and you are only permitted to enter when the doors open at 7.15pm from Wednesdays to Saturdays, meals, and entertainments will start from 7.45pm. Whilst on Sundays, the doors will open at 5.15pm, and the meals and entertainments will start from 5.45pm. We arrived at the venue rather early thus decided to have a cup of coffee each from Starbucks, but 10 mins later a long queue was already forming…

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